Why we're trying to change things

About SageSpot

SageSpot is the social platform for world-class Creators that have a meaningful following on legacy social but are tired of chasing ad deals or working a day job. SageSpot transforms Creators' most passionate followers into paid subscribers who form a dedicated community where they can consume the Creator's high-quality content and interact with like-minded individuals.

What makes SageSpot special is that when a user joins a community, they not only gain access to in-depth content from a world-class Creator, but also to a community of passionate users who are interested in the same things that they are. It is a social media experience where users are connecting with one another based on their interests and not based on pre-existing relationships. This will allow for discussion at a level that is impossible on legacy social media today.

We believe that a lot of the anger, confusion, and hate that occurs on legacy social media happens because there is no order or structure. If you can create communities where everyone has a shared bond that they are hyper passionate about, you can start to have great conversations and form meaningful friendships on the internet.

We are excited for the future, we are excited to be building SageSpot, and we are excited you are interested!

Our Mission

Our mission is to change how we interact in the digital world.


  • Khosla Ventures
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Max & Xander Ritz
  • Richard Rosenblatt
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Scott Malpass
  • Tom Brady
  • Torrie Wilson


It is a daring thing to try to displace the norms set by legacy social media platforms. This journey demands a team of individuals with great enthusiasm, undefeatable optimism, and extraordinary creativity. While our goal is ambitious, we know that we can succeed with team members dedicated to supporting one another in pursuit of the same mission: changing the way we interact in the digital world.

We are so excited to be growing the SageSpot family. We would love to talk more about the open roles if you are interested in building something truly special. Check out the roles here and send us an email at jobs@sagespot.com.

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